Our Mission

Louisa Home Care is a responsive, innovative provider of health care services to patients in the home environment and other alternate sites. In pursuit of this mission:

WE BELIEVE our success if founded in the satisfaction of our customers.

WE BELIEVE this satisfaction is achievable only through the provision of high quality patient care.

WE BELIEVE that these standards can be met only by attracting, retaining and rewarding outstanding individuals committed to the goals of our organization.

WE BELIEVE that opportunities must be made available to high achievers through an open, participative management style that encourages creativity, innovation and local decision making.

WE BELIEVE that profitability is essential to our continued growth.

WE BELIEVE providing a fair return on equity to our shareholders.

WE BELIEVE in honestly, integrity and open communication in all our relationships.

Insurance Information

Making sure your purchases are covered is important.  That's why we encourage you to talk to us about your insurance needs as part of your sales process.

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